BNT-TECHNOLOGY, S.L. employs a variety of highly trained staff in integral solutions in the fields of electrical installations in low and high voltage, industrial maintenance, machinery repair…

BNT-TECHNOLOGY, S.L. adapts itself to changing environments and uses the latest technology to give our clients high quality installations and machinery which ensure great profitability in production.

BNT-TECHNOLOGY, S.L. employs a variety of highly trained technicians to fulfill the following projects:

  • Electrical Installations of Low and High Voltage
  • Assembly and Installation of general distribution boards and secondary power and lighting boards.
  • Assembly, installation and programming of control, regulation and automation boards.
  • All kind of Power Transformers
  • Electrical Joints and Splices implementation in High Voltage, to 30 Kv.
  • Power failure repair, preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • High voltage overhead power line
  • Low voltage overhead and underground power line
  • Grounding installation
  • Detection and correction of power failure in electrical installations and machinery.
  • Public lighting
  • Electrical installations in low voltage in explosion hazard areas. Supply, installation and commissioning of fully certified material with protection for those areas (EExd, EExia, EExe, EExed, EExm…)
  • Frequency Inverters, UPS and Emergency generators Installation.
  • Batteries, Condenser…
  • Integral and specialized maintenance
  • Low Voltage Electrical Installations maintenance in public spaces and industrial factories


BNT-TECHNOLOGY, S.L. has a great experience in different industries:

  • Food processing industry
  • Water treatment, Water purification, drinking water treatment and desalination plants.
  • Animal feed factory
  • Urban waste management
  • Chemical Plants.
  • Services