Automation, the key to technological progress and economic success

Industrial automation is is the application of different technologies to controlling and monitoring a process, machine, appliance or device that performs functions or repetitive tasks automatically, reducing time and exponentially increasing the volume of industrial production. The automatition of BNT allows the union of different technologies such as the instrumentation or measurement of variables of the material, the motors that are in charge of the movement, the sensors, which inform the certain events of the process within a scale of succession of actions, the comunication system that link all the parts, the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) that  are in charge of controlling the whole sequence based on a programming established a priori, robotics and telemetry among others.

BNT, as a leading company in industrial automation, develops different aspects of this field, including PLC programming, the SCADA programming, the HMI programming, the design and implementation of control panels, the launching of automatic systems, the study of industrial instrumentation, the industrial monitoring and the artificial vision applied to industrial processes.

PLC Programing

Process control through PLCs

BNT has a team of PLC programmers who develop and maintain control systems of industrial automation processes through programmable logic controllers from different manufacturers such as Siemens, Rockwell, Omron, Telemecanique, ABB, etc…

SCADAS Programming

Supervisory control and data acquisition

BNT plans through SCADA programming the design of software systems for the automatic control and supervision of industrial production by autonomous controllers, PLC automata…

HMI Programming

Human-Machine HMI interfaces programming

BNT develops the human-machine interfaces HMI programming to transmit orders, visualize the results graphically and the control the industrial process in real time.

Control panels

Design and implementation of control panels

BNT carries out the design and production of control panels under national and international standards, adapting to different industries and needs of its customers and advising on the best solutions and equipment in different environments.


Automatic systems of the main brands

BNT has technicians specialized in the management, configuration, programming and commissioning of systems in different brands to adapt to any need or requirement of the client, especially in brands such as SiemensRockwell/Allen Bradley, OmronSchneider Electric, Mitsubishi, Emerson, Wonderware and Ignition.

Industrial Instrumentation

Industrial instrumentation studies

BNT performs industrial instrumentation studies, supplying, installing, adjusting and calibrating the tools and instruments necessary for the control of industrial production. In these studies the measurement, conversion, transmission, control or registration of variables of industrial processes is pefected.

Artificial Vision and Industrial Monitoring

Industries data capture

BNT develops monitoring and data capture studies in industry with 1D / 2D codes and artificial vision applications. The professionals of our company carry out proprietary client applications for the monitoring and control of temperature and humidity.

BNT, excellence in industrial automation and electrical installations

BNT, since its inception in 2016,is committed to the pursuit of excellence in programming and industrial automation and the development of low and high voltage installations. We have a staff of professionals in engineering, programminginstallation and production of industrial processes  completed based on the needs of each of its customers, adapting their businesses and industries through existing and / or customized automation systems.

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    BNT advises you on the best possible electrical installation for your industry.

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    BNT designs the electrical installations of its industry for greater energy efficiency.

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    BNT installs industrial automation systems and Low and High voltage lines for your business.

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    BNT performs the programming of Control and Supervision Software, terminals, databases and process control systems.

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    BNT supplies PLCs from different manufacturers, spare parts and industrial automation equipment.

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    BNT performs repairs and control of automated electrical installations and networks.