The electrical power you need with the most innovative solutions.


BNT offers you the experience of experienced professionals in the development of integral solutions in the areas of the of low-voltage and high-voltage electrical installations, industrial maintenanceindustrial automation, installations with potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX), protection tables and motor control panels, all this pursuing maximum energy efficiency and cost reduction.

Our ability to adapt to changing environments and the latest incorporation technological developments allows us to assure our customers high quality facilities and machines, in perfect operation and review, to ensure maximum profitability in their production processes.

High Voltage

Installations and maintenance of high voltage lines

BNT has a division specialized in High Voltage lines projects. . It offers its customers the development and maintenance of overhead lines and underground lines, outdoor transformation centers, indoors or compacts and distribution station centers, as well as their maintenance contracts, for troubleshooting,preventive maintenance and corrective in each of the lines specially indicated for industrial installations of all sectors and public lightning in general.

Low Voltage

Development and maintenance of Low Voltage lines

BNT is a specialist in installation of Low Voltage lines, from pipelines, wiring, connection of consumption and efficient lighting installations to industrial facilities, cleanrooms, laboratories, public premises, outdoor facilities and power factor improvement. The BNT contracts include inspections for the correct maintenance of the installations of the low voltage lines and proposals for predictive maintenance, measurement of hot spots by means of thermography and checking of protections.


Configuration and installation of automation installations

BNT develops the automation of its industrial facilities through the implementation of remote automation systems.

Our specialists in automation are responsible for the realization of the ideal project to achieve the greatest energy savings in their facilities through communication management and transmission systems and the improvement of domotic installations with programmable controllers according to the customer’s needs.

ATEX installations

Installations in premises with risk of fire and / or explosion

BNT BNT carries out the classification, design, installation and electrical assembly of Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX) installations according to UNE-EN 60079-10-1:2016 Explosive atmospheres -Part 10-1: Classification of areas – Explosive gas atmospheres and the ITC-BT-29 about particular legal requirements for the electrical installations of premises with risk of fire or explosion. BNT has professionals specialized in the maintenance of installations in premises with risk of fire and / or explosion, by locating ventilation places and zero risk of explosion zones, as well as theirinstruments and electrical equipment.

Energy efficiency

Industrial projects of energy efficiency

BNT has professionals specialized in the development of energy efficiency projects. We carry out lighting and energy efficiency improvement studies in all types of industries, from machinery manufacturing, food, recycling plants and urban solid waste, chemical treatment plants… BNT pursues the satisfaction of the energy demand with high levels of security and quality in the supply, the improvement of the efficiency in the use of energy and the increase in the production of renewable energy resources in all industrial sectors.

Protection Boxes and Motors

Development and production under quality standards

BNT designs and produces protection panels and engine control panels under national and international quality standards. We make protection boxes and control panels of our own engines in relation to the best brands of electrical switchgear (Motor protectors amnd contactors,signaling and power supplies and transformers among others), enclosures and control systems, adapting to any industry and advising on the best possible solutions and equipment.

BNT, excellence in industrial automation and electrical installations

BNT, since its inception in 2016,is committed to the pursuit of excellence in programming and industrial automation and the development of low and high voltage installations. We have a staff of professionals in engineering, programminginstallation and production of industrial processes  completed based on the needs of each of its customers, adapting their businesses and industries through existing and / or customized automation systems.

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    BNT advises you on the best possible electrical installation for your industry.

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    BNT designs the electrical installations of its industry for greater energy efficiency.

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    BNT installs industrial automation systems and Low and High voltage lines for your business.

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    BNT performs the programming of Control and Supervision Software, terminals, databases and process control systems.

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    BNT supplies PLCs from different manufacturers, spare parts and industrial automation equipment.

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    BNT performs repairs and control of automated electrical installations and networks.