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BNT develops technologies for the control and monitoring of industrial processes, devices or industrial machinery for any sector of activity.

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BNT carries out projects of high and low voltage electrical installations as well as its revision, maintenance and subsequent control in all types of AC sectors.

BNT: Commitment to 21st century industrial automation and quality electrical installations.

BNT is a company founded at the beginning of 2.016 thanks to the combination of a highly qualified workforce/staff in the industrial sector, where we cover the development of medium and low voltage electrical installations, programming and industrial automation until the design and production of our control panels under national and international standards.

In addition, BNT is specialized in detailed engineering, with the P & ID’s diagrams, electrical diagrams in EPLAN, CIEBT, CAD, the design of control panels and distribution of instrumentation, control and electrical engineering projectsindustrial instrumentation studies for resource optimization and the realization of client applications for monitoring and capturing industrial data.

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